There are many reasons why a CEO may choose to move to a new level of leadership. Yet while the rewards are huge, change is always difficult. It is self-empowering to take some time in the beginning to identify your own burning reasons for change before starting any leadership improvement effort.

Which of these 10 reasons are strong enough to support through the pain of change?

8 Great Reasons to Change

  1. You may simply be tired out. If you ever hope to take a vacation and get some rest and relaxation, you know that you will need to move from being a player to a coach. That way, the rest of your organization can pick up the burden.
  2. You may want to take your organization to the next level, and you realize that new leadership is required–even when that means you will need to take the first step and become a new kind of leader.
  3. You may want to be more efficient. You realize that your organization could be twice as effective while at the same time your individual workload is cut in half. It makes sense to take on a project if it reduces future effort.
  4. You may see leadership development as a great investment that will maximize your investment in human capital by decreasing attrition and increasing the long-term performance and productivity of employees and the organization as a whole.
  5. You may be dealing with a workforce that is mostly disengaged and non-performing. You know that leadership style significantly influences culture, and you are ready for remediation.
  6. You may be searching for a natural way to implement leadership succession within your organization, and sincerely want to adopt the best framework for building future leaders.
  7. You may want to significantly increase your personal influence as a leader by learning to lead at a deeper level, increasing the value of your contributions within your organization and the world at large.
  8. You may desire the competitive edge that an empowered workforce would offer your organization as you compete with your industry peers, and you desire to outperform them in every way.