Virtual CTO

Upgrade your work environment to a 100% cloud-based digital workplace.

Technology Strategy & Implementation - at a fractional price

Every business needs technology strategy, continuous innovation and implementation. Have you needed a CTO on your leadership team but have not had the budget to hire one full-time? Now you can turn over your technology concerns to a technology leader who will do it all for you.

How would your business change if you never had to worry about keeping up with technology again?

How It Works

  • Put a part-time Virtual CTO on your team for a predictable monthly fee
  • I will assess, improve, & upgrade every business function, process, and technology
  • I will execute infrastructure projects and application upgrades in sync with your highest priorities
  • Your time will be freed up to focus on networking, sales, partnering, and investors

Together, we will take your business to the next level!

What You Get

What happens when you systematically improve every area and function of your business?  Everything gets better! Things like:

Prospecting and sales, product development, service delivery, Internet marketing, team collaboration, project execution, customer experience... the list goes on and on.

And it's not just about improving productivity and effectiveness. It also lowers your costs, increases your revenue, improves employee morale, reduces your risk, and improves your security. Every dimension of your business is improved when you upgrade your systems and technologies.

What Can You Upgrade?

With 2 degrees in IT and Organizational Administration, and 25 years experience from a career in IT, operations, and project management, I am prepared to help you upgrade practically everything in your business environment:

  • Take your business to the cloud and create a digital workplace, such as a TinyDigitalWorkplace.
  • Unify your team with a collaborative intranet, such as a TinyIntranet.
  • Save costs by providing your employees with online training.
  • Give your public website a face lift while simultaneously creating additional revenue streams.
  • Work smarter and more efficiently by deploying a CMS, DMS, or CRM--any enterprise tool that you need.
  • Execute projects dependably on time and on budget by deploying a Project Management Office (PMO).
  • Keep your eye on critical data using digital dashboards to track metrics and KPIs.
  • Automate your sales process, including online contracts and digital signatures.
  • Improve customer support and mature service management (ITIL) by implementing a Service Desk.
  • (insert here from your imagination-- any other internal business need!)

Are you starting to get some ideas?

This Is for You If...

-- You are a leader who needs to dedicate the majority of your time in business development activities instead of technology configuration.

-- You want help maturing your internal environment: operations, infrastructure, tools/apps, processes, technology upgrades--everything inside your business.

-- Your current staff is maxed out just trying to do their jobs. Everyone is working hard and trying to produce, but nobody has enough time to work on improving the systems and internal infrastructure that enable greater efficiency and production.

-- You don't want to spend a fortune upgrading your business. Predictable monthly costs would make it easier for budgeting and planning purposes.

You Don't Have to Figure It Out

Don't worry about trying to come up with a technology strategy for me to execute...

  • The first thing I do is assess and report on all of your current technologies, systems, and operations.
  • Then we sit down and council together to determine what improvements should be made within each area of your business (and in what order), to upgrade all of your operations and technologies. This will be our technology roadmap.
  • After finishing our roadmap, I will lead the implementation of our technology strategy step by step, one project at a time, in prioritized order.

You're Always In The Loop

Through it all, a project dashboard with status indicators keep you appraised of progress.

I constantly involve myself with your staff and support team. My objective is to ensure the success of each project as a natural extension of your team.

Your Team Will Love Me

What really sets my consulting service apart is the care of your culture and employees. Encouraging innovation and empowering team members are at the foundation of everything I do. My project management methodology takes your people along with every change, including them in discussions, decisions, implementation, and training to ensure that changes are fully adopted by your workforce.

What could Technology do for Your Business?

Technology best practices are always evolving. Your competitors are constantly upgrading their processes and strategies. The best way to stay ahead is to dedicate someone to continuously upgrading your production capability.

Abraham Lincoln said, "If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I'd spend six sharpening my ax."

Join with me in taking your business technology and operations to a whole new level.