The Simplest Intranet for Small Business.

(Based on Google Apps & Notion)

Sometimes Less is More.

Small businesses don't need rocket science solutions. They need functional solutions that are easy and inexpensive. That's why we recommend using low-cost and open source technologies like Google and Notion.

"Introducing TinyIntranets... the first small business social intranet that helps you organize all of your business tools and information into one central Portal using Notion."

Make Some Magic

What's the alchemy to create a TinyIntranet ? Go ahead and use the best free tools you can find from SaaS vendors like Google. Then use Google authentication to log in to Notion for ultimate security. You are then logged in to a Notion portal that can point to all Google resources, and the magic begins.

Easy Customization

Your portal pages are Notion pages. Make them as simple or fancy as you like. Either way, they are easily customized through drag-and-drop. Here is an example of a simple portal page:

Example home page of a TinyIntranet

Anything You Want It to Be

To help with the possibilities... here are some core features you can start with:

Client Directory

Create a mini-CRM with info about your clients, giving your team a one-stop shop with all of the intelligence they need for stellar sales & support.


Allow employees to interact with each other online in real time for increased productivity and better use of time.


Embedded Google calendars help employees see personal and work schedules in the same view.

Employee Directory

Provide a single place where members can search and find each other, see contact information, and build connections.

Document Management

Create a shared document repository in Google Drive that is accessible and browsable through your Intranet website as well.


Enable employees to collect and act on data by creating customized, embedded surveys and forms.


Create simple self-reporting for employees based on forms that feed spreadsheets and charts that show compliance with their duties.

Media Streaming

Create a centralized media library in Google Drive that automatically populates playlists for instant playback on WordPress pages.


Notion and Google together are more extensible than you can imagine. Knock yourself out!

Got Google Apps?

If you're already using Google Apps, you're half way to a TinyIntranet. Notion is one of the most popular no-code tools being used by ordinary people to create amazing business solutions. . Combining Google Apps with  a Notion portal creates a nicely integrated collaboration platform.

A TinyIntranet is Perfect If:

  • You want greater productivity. How much more productive will your organization be when your employees have access to all information, documentation, and communications from one central place?
  • You want the ultimate in flexibility. Use dozens of Notion solution marketplaces to find exactly the kind of business solution you are looking for, and then customize it exactly to your needs.
  • You want more features and benefits for less money. If you always thought that a small business intranet was beyond your budget or time constraints, we have a surprise for you!
  • You want "Easy Peasy". Most intranets require you to pull all of your documentation and information into the vendor's proprietary database. A TinyIntranet allows you to leave everything in Google Drive and Notion, and then just link to it from Notion. So there's no import. Easy! And if you ever need to move your content to a bigger system later, your files will already be nicely organized for import, lickity-split.

Why You Want Us to Build Yours

  • We project manage the entire process using a best-practice methodology.
  • We provide technical expertise to install, configure, and integrate all intranet components & services.
  • We provide back-end training for your "techie".
  • If we build it, we will optionally manage it for a monthly fee. (Outsource it all!)

Price depends on number of users, app integrations, customizations, and wild and crazy requests.

Your Custom Platform for Doing Business

Want it done fast and right? We can help. We use ready-made templates, pre-tested extensions, implementation checklists, and custom integrations to get you all set up the right way, the first time--in no time. We've got this.