(Virtual) Chief Enabling Officer

Put an organizational change expert on your executive team.

Turn Weakness Into Strength.

It is difficult for any CEO to be focused internally and externally at the same time.If all your effort is being taken with corporate sales, partnerships, and other outside-facing business concerns, it helps to partner with an inward-facing executive with the time and focus to mature your organization.

"Only Chief Enablers provide a comprehensive organizational upgrade strategy that touches all areas of business in a single step-by-step plan for complete inside-out transformation."

This Is for You If...

You are perfect for this service if you are a sales-oriented CEO that is expert in business development activities such as networking, speaking, public relations, marketing, conferences, partnering, etc.

This allows me to focus on improving process, culture, technology, and your internal structure to support those sales. While I move production capability upward, your sales move the company forward, and together we take your organization to a whole new level.

Chief Enabler (me)

Internal Focus

I focus on improving process, culture, technology, and the internal structure supporting your sales in order to move your capability upward.

Column 2

  • Workforce and corporate culture
  • Employee engagement and innovation
  • Operations and service management
  • Team collaboration and training
  • Technology, intranets, and cloud
  • Project management and execution

Chief Executive (you)

Column 1

External Focus

If your greatest strengths are sales and networking, you can simply do everything you already do best in order to move your company forward.

  • Sales, branding, and marketing
  • Partnerships and alliances
  • Scaling and internationalization
  • Investor and board relations
  • Speaking, news, and public relations
  • Meetings, conferences, networking

How It Works

I am dedicated to your transformation. This will not be a full-time job for me. Instead of tracking my hours of effort, you can track how well your organization is maturing and improving from the inside out. I am committed to doing what is necessary to enable the end result that you really want: your organization's growth and success.

I mostly work remotely. For the most part, we use collaboration tools and technologies to stay in touch.

Holistic Strategy is Everything

  • You've tried performance improvement initiatives before. It's time for a holistic view: what improvements should be made within each area of your business and in what order, to bring about the collective upgrade of your entire organization? That's the strategy that will take you step-by-step from good to great.
  • No matter what organizational challenges you face, a Chief Enabler can help you resolve issues using a solid strategy that you can stick with. You will stop experiencing the loss of momentum that comes from chasing new problems each week. 

What is Your Transformation Worth?

When you consider all of the employees hired by your organization, which are most valuable?

My goal is to create more value for your company than anyone else on your leadership team--regardless of the fact that I work remotely.

When considering future production capability, few things have the potential to create more value than leading the inside-out transformation of your entire organization.