Richard Branson on Enabling

Richard Branson shares our vision of changing the role of CEOs to be more about empowerment than control:

“How to unleash the power of intrapreneurs? The key is to enable them to pursue their vision. But people don’t always think of leaders within a company – the managers, executives, and the chief executive officer – as people who enable others.

“Clearly it’s time for a major shake-up in the nomenclature of business. What if CEO stood for “chief enabling officer“? What if that CEO’s primary role were to nurture a breed of intrapreneurs who would grow into tomorrow’s entrepreneurs?”
~Richard Branson

“Perhaps the greatest thing about this form of enabled intrapreneurship is that often everyone becomes so immersed in what they’re doing that they feel like they own their companies. They don’t feel like employees working for someone else, they feel much more like … well, I think the only word to describe it is “belongers.”