What is the toughest obstacle that gets in the way of effective leadership development initiatives?

Question from LinkedIn

Answer: The toughest obstacle may well be the perception of what leadership development even means.

Most of the “leadership development initiatives” we see have more to do with teaching tactics like how to manage people, how to improve sales, how to motivate a workforce, how to increase production capability, improve products and services, etc. All good things… but none of these really teaches you how to be an awesome leader.

The best leaders are those who are mature and developed from the inside out–it’s more about character, how you view other people, whether you can let go of power and let others lead, whether you even care about others and their growth or just care about their output, etc. Once you take that deeper journey that changes your heart and head, you are never the same again. All of your external leadership behavior changes permanently and automatically, from the inside out. Why aren’t we helping leaders take THAT journey?