2ndCEO Day...

Put another set of eyes on your toughest issues.

(What a difference a day can make!)

Solve Your Toughest Organizational Issues in Just 1 Day

Book a day to get my undivided attention focused exclusively on solving your business challenges. No matter what issues you face, counseling together will almost always be more effective than trying to fix them on your own.

"Your Business is unique, with custom challenges. Why not give it the 1-on-1 attention that it deserves?"

This Is for You If...

When festering issues are clearly impacting your ability to succeed, you need to take action.  Sometimes your daily involvement is so "up close and personal" that it can be difficult to maintain an objective view.

Borrowing perspective from an external expert is sometimes all that you need to uncover opportunities that previously were not visible to you.

It's Your Day. What Will You Do With It?

  • You can meet me at my home base in the Prescott/Phoenix area, or I can come to you.
  • We will spend the day working together to solve your biggest challenges. For example:
  • Diagnosing the root issues causing employee turnover, negative culture, or employee disengagement
  • Dealing with a problem leader or employee that is seriously impacting your business
  • Rethinking your business environment and what technology solutions will improve production capability
  • Creating an organization-wide execution framework with goals that truly matter to your employees
  • You're the boss. Just let me know what your focus is, and I'll help you design solutions that will give you the results you are looking for.
  • I will listen carefully and then council with you to create an action plan that is perfectly aligned with your business needs. I have rescued failing businesses, improved average businesses, and taken succeeding businesses to a new level. Now, it's your turn.

How It Works

If you choose to meet me within Arizona, your In-Person 2ndCEO Day is $3,000, including travel and lodging.

If you prefer that I fly to your location, $6,000 covers your 2ndCEO day and all my travel expenses.

When your 2ndCEO Day arrives, it’s all about you. I'll meet with you starting as early as you like, and for the next 7+ hours I will devote all of my expertise to your business, your problems, and your goals. At the end of the day, you will have a clear plan for moving forward and achieving those goals or resolving those issues.

Enough with the Band-aids Already.

Isn’t it time you got the clarity you need to resolve your organization's deepest challenges?

Together, we can move past ineffective band-aids and implement core solutions that will get your organization back on track towards growth and transformation.