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Deepen your leadership and broaden your influence.

(From the inside-out)

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Learn how to lead your own  transformation. 

You can get mirroring from a friend and receive feedback from your peers. But can your peers foster within you the deepest levels of leadership that will influence and transform your entire organization from the inside-out?

"Only 2ndCEO Coaching aligns your leadership development with leading inside-out transformation within your own organization."

Everyone Needs a Coach...

Deeper Influence

When you sign up for coaching, it means you are ready to take the introspective journey to deeper leadership. If you are not ready to begin this process, don’t force it. Gain enough self awareness at least to know whether you are ready for more self awareness and mirroring.

Change will require that you become keenly aware of yourself and are willing to confront your current beliefs and practices related to leadership. Depending on your need for control, this can be a huge leap of faith because this inner journey will lead you away from seeking your own power. By changing your focus to helping others find power, you will ultimately find more power than you will ever need.

Change the Root...the Leaves Follow

  • Leadership coaching involves awareness and changes to your perceptions, focus, aspirations, and even values. Change can be difficult and hard work. But once you have changed at the core and your paradigm is changed, you are never the same person again.
  • Going to the root of an issue is never the easiest method–it’s easier to work on the leaves. But once a root is changed, all of the branches and leaves change almost automatically. Likewise, once you change yourself, your organization will automatically follow.
  • Learning is more than mental; you must learn and practice new behaviors. Learning is more easily and effectively accomplished when experiences are mirrored by a caring and objective person. As your coach, I hope that you will trust me enough to provide that mirror for you.

How It Works

Coaching sessions are unlimited. Let's take whatever time we need to dig into the real and deeper issues. Keeping that focus will be easy if we know we can always meet back up again. If we reach the end of one coaching session and did not finish the conversation, we can schedule another one to finish.

Coaching sessions are scheduled. Serving multiple clients requires me to coordinate times and dates of service. I prefer scheduling regular meetings each week, according to your schedule (early mornings work great; evenings are more difficult). Meeting at least once each week is best in order to make progress.

Coaching sessions are remote. I like to use Google Hangouts for video conferencing. Both of us need protected time and space, which means nobody is coming in or out of the room to interrupt our flow. Some executives leave their offices and schedule separate meeting rooms for privacy. Others meet from home before work. However you choose to arrange things on your side, you will have my full attention during our coaching sessions. 

The Greatest Business Investment is Yourself

The journey to become a deeper, more powerful leader is not easy, but it may be one of the most fulfilling–because it will change everything else in your personal, public, and professional life.

Unlimited Sessions for $2500/month


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